Sunday’s news items, part 3 [underappreciated; under communicated; fundie blames & so much more] – 3/29/2020

Appreciate me | Why don’t they like me? Why don’t they suck up to me like all my other sycophants do? – NPR

If business gets it, why can’t local government? | We’ve all gotten reassuring messages from the provides we deal with our banks, medical providers, email providers, pet food services, you name it. “Decisive action and reassuring customers and employees become paramount.” Have we, though, gotten any reassuring messages and decisive action from our local municipal elected public servants?

One local government gets it | West Hempfield Township has has a dynamic information portion on its Website — it’s also inviting you to join this public meeting remotely using your computer, smart phone, or regular phone.” 

Ah, those Koch brothers | The people who funnel money and ideas to the legislators in Wonderland just want to write all the rules the rest of us have to abide by: “Charles Koch network pushed $1 billion cut to CDD; now attacks shelter-in-place policies for harming business.” The Intercept

And this fundie evangelical claims | Trump’s Coronavirus is because God is pissed at “China, gay people ad environmentalists,” says the Cabinet Bible teacher. – The Intercept

In the post pandemic world | Change is sure to come: “As the virus continues to spread globally, similar questions — about trust in government, economic security, way of life — are sure to face young people in many countries.” – The New York Times

“Anytime there’s a crisis, everybody has their hands out.” | “Do hospitals need $100 billion bailout to get through coronavirus pandemic?”The Morning Call

iquirer cartoonPhiladelphia Inquirer editorial cartoon | captures the essence of education inequity in Pennsylvania.When southeast Pennsylvania school districts started closing their schools, Philadelphia paused. So many of our students live in poverty, it seemed safer to keep them in their classrooms. When the health threat became clear, Philadelphia soon followed suit. But, citing inequity, the Philadelphia School District decided not to offer online instruction because so many kids lacked computers and internet. Suburban schools, some just outside Philadelphia’s borders, had no such hesitation. Yet again, Pennsylvania does not see all its children as deserving equal access to learning.”

The lesson of Trump Coronavirus pandemic? |“Competence matters.” “(to be) surrounded by enablers and yes-men is not news, but it’s also what is to be expected when you have a president who has never shown any interest in governing the country; or a party that views running the executive branch as an afterthought.” The Boston Globe

7th in deaths | and moving up. The US is now seventh in deaths from the Trump Coronavirus in the world. Just a week ago, a much more distant ranking according to the Website. Remember, this website was created by a high school student in December before the Trump Coronavirus was considered a “big deal.” This is the young man that a Columbia news, views & reviews reader brought to our attention on March 19; that was the day we posted the link to his site at the Corona Virus Update tab at this website.


  1. Motivated parents will see that their children continue to learn regardless of economic status. Giving unmotivated parents and children another excuse for poor academic success will only widen the achievement gap. Our educational system is in the hands of idiots.

  2. If the schools are closed and there is no online learning, do the taxpayers get a refund on their property taxes?

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