Thursday’s news items, part 2 [communicating distantly; FREE Penn State courses; distancing for funerals & more] – 4/2/2020

hear no

Hear what you want | “Test yourself” truth or blissful ignorance.”Futurity

Keep on communicating | The Columbia Borough School District is communicating with its constituents; this is posted at its facebook page; it’s one of the regular posts during the pandemic:

Meeting NOTICE: Due to Governor Wolf’s order, Columbia School Board meetings are being held virtually. To watch live go to:

All meetings will be recorded and posted on the District website.

from the Website | “Due to Governor Wolf’s Stay at Home order,Columbia School Board monthly and committee meetings are being held virtually. To watch live go to the direct public link to CBSD YouTube Channel.  All meetings will be recorded and posted on this website under Board Meetings Videos.

Watch here:

April Meetings:

April 2  Extra-Curricular and Curriculum Committees  – 6 pm

April 7 – Property and Finance Committees – 6 pm

April 16 – Regular monthly meeting – 6 pm

Why video conferencing sites are better | Anyone who’s ever attended a meeting at the Columbia Borough School District’s administrative building, knows the acoustics are horrible. While the youtube and facebook live streaming are communication endeavors; people watching from remote sites need to be able to clearly hear what’s being said. This is just one reason why video conferencing sites are much, much better.

Reflecting | Let’s really value and appreciate those who are continuing to deliver outstanding service during this period in our history: grocery store workers; drug store workers; newspaper delivery people; postal workers; caregivers; emergency responders; restaurant owners and workers; volunteers; 2-1-1 and 9-1-1 call takers; elected public servants and so many others.

“Social Distancing | Means Mourners Must Find New Ways To Cope And Connect”NPR

Welcome to dystopia | “‘Group of Local Vigilantes’ Try to Forcibly Quarantine Out-of-Towners, Officials Say”The New York Times

penn state online

Yep, FREE | “Even in these uncertain times, you can always count on Penn State Extension. We are here for you. That’s why we’re offering more than 50 courses from our online library for free through the month of April.* With our online learning, you get the practical, usable, science-based knowledge you need to weather the current storm and make progress with your health, your family, your community, and your business.

“Our online courses are accessible anywhere, anytime, online, at your own pace.

“Get on-demand access from Penn State subject matter experts in areas like:

        • Food safety, nutrition, and preparation
        • Best agricultural practices
        • Horticulture
        • Environmental stewardship
        • Community involvement
        • Successful business
        • Healthy families

“Some of our courses offer the certificates and/or continuing education credits you need to stay professionally current and credentialed.

“See our online course catalog and register today!”



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