Friday’s news items [a duck named Honey; use a scarf; help for small business & more] – 4/3/2020

‘If you have saved one life it is as if you saved the world.’ | There’s a column in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster that is such an uplifting one for everyone to read. It’s a syndicated piece from Chicago Tribune columnist, Mary Schmich; click here to read: “The pandemic, a professor and a duck named Honey: A story of life in a time of death.”

Teachers do more than teach … they inspire | “Faculty and staff at Eastern Lebanon County Middle School took on a big project to reconnect and say ‘Hello’ to their students.”FOX43-TV

use a scarf

instead of a mask | “Trump tells Americans: ‘Use a scarf'”

coronavirus patient | If you don’t believe in news, please believe in people that are sharing their stories … “ Poynter Institute

Tips for small businesses | “I can’t afford rent for my small business because of COVID-19. What can I do?”Marketplace

“COVID-19 Resources | for Businesses, Communities, and Local Governments”Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

Shout-out to all truckers | “Out on the open road in the midst of a pandemic”more important than movie stars and pro athletes. – WFMZ69-TV

“Testing ‘snafu’ | I was tested twice for COVID-19.”PublicSource

If your municipality even has one | “Want to see what your city’s pandemic plan says? Good luck.”WITF

“Exclusive | Kushner Firm Built the Coronavirus Website Trump Promised.”The Atlantic – OPINION: If you watched yesterday’s White House briefing, the son-in-law-of POTUS had the mike to talk about the logistics of the White House’s task force. Kushner demonstrated a reasonable understanding of what is supposed to happen according to the National Incident Management System; at least, it appears he may have read the guidance. This is at the FEMA Website; “Under the direction of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, FEMA, HHS and our federal partners are working with state, local, tribal and territorial governments to execute a Whole-of-America response to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and protect the public.”

FEMA | Coronavirus Rumor Control

FEMA told citizens | How to prepare for pandemic

Lancaster Online report | “Flu winds down in Pa. after 102 deaths this season; COVID-19 had 90 in 2 weeks” (NOTE: This was reported yesterday at Columbia news, views & reviews.)





  1. Such a quandary we have here in America. “Where a mask or scarf,” we are told. But I ask you “If I were to where a scarf, I might be mistaken for a Muslim and be shot by one of those Pennsylvanians who had just left a gun shop having purchased ammunition.”

    • Sorry not to have proof read and edited “where” to “wear.” At least the meaning got through.

      Stay safe.

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