1. Yepper, and the DIC’s latest ruling is “wear a mask.” Or a scarf.

    Can hardly wait for the next ruling; how about you?

  2. As the situation disinterested daily, I’m sure you’re prepared for anything. While we have poser and the Interned, the prudent thing to do is be a MacGyver kind of soul. Saved you a trip:



    We’re thinking multi-usable toilet paper. First as a mask filter – then,m a butt wipe.

  3. Sever may have been a bit past his prime but a true great. Carol was the first great closer; owned the saves record for many years. Nuxhall is one of the greats in the broadcast booth; not a bad pitcher with a lifetime 3.90 ERA. Worked with Al Michels for a couple seasons in the early 70’s. Made me a fan for life.

    The Big Red Machine was awesome.

  4. Hey Reds fans! Imagine what the Reds might have done this year, after the GM made some great deals for good pitchers. Let’s hope MLB comes back this Summer!

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