Trump Coronavirus cases report in Pennsylvania today (May 01, 2020)

covid-19 cases 05-01-2020

Pennsylvania Department of Health

day by new cases trump coronavirus-5-01


  1. Pennsylvania now has well over the total cases of COVID-19 China has had. China as of 4/30/20 has 83,944 cases and 4,637 deaths. PA now had as of 4/30/20 45,793 cases and 2, 292 deaths.

      • Honestly, we have difficulty believing anyone’s numbers. There are no rules that are followed across the board.

        Pennsylvania’s numbers are suspect as well – with inconsistencies from county to county.

        What we’re using to keep score are the stated numbers from public sources; one might surmise that there’ll be consistencies among the source inconsistencies. That’s the best anyone’s got.

  2. Brian, I agree with you. Heather, there once was a great rock group called “Blind Faith.” That seems to be what you have.

    • I didn’t say I have faith in the numbers from China. Just like I don’t have faith in the numbers from PA or the US in general.

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