Trump Coronavirus cases reported in Pennsylvania, June 9, 2020

numbers from Pennsylvania Department of Health Website

covid-19 cases 06-09-2020

day by new cases trump coronavirus-6-09


  1. Today the Chinese government revised the death toll from the virus by fifty percent. Also, evidence is emerging that the outbreak may have started as early as August of 2019. It’s all Trump’s fault.

  2. You know, Mr. D … anything that happened outside this nation is not being blamed on him. What we are blaming on him is his shabby handling of the coronavirus once it became apparent to everyone in the world. And that’s why we’re calling it the TRUMP coronavirus. There was a window … and it just was ignored and mis-handled.

    The report we found is a bit speculative in content:

  3. And to add to that, we see a copy of how Trump handled the coronavirus when it hit the United states in Brazil. President Bolsonaro, who is also called “Tropical Trump,” is doing exactly what Trump has done here, as Winter is coming on in Brazil and the country is rapidly becoming the epicenter of COVID-19 cases and deaths. Once again, denial is not a river in Africa.

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