Wednesday’s news items [miss last night’s council meeting?; do something good; election results to date & more] – 6/10/2020

Missed last night’s council meeting? | Watch it here. 567 other Columbia stakeholders watched it at this posting.

Do something good | “The Columbia Borough Police Department’s Bike Patrol will be watching for kids ages 17 and under who are doing something good.  This could be anything from wearing your helmet while riding bike, to picking up trash in a park, to assisting an elderly person carry groceries etc…  When an officer spots you doing something good he/she will stop and talk to you and give you a gift certificate for Murphy’s Mercantile & Co. at Hinkle’s (compliments of Cimarron Investments LLC.).  Get out there and do GOOD! – Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch Page

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first Community Health Briefing! | Family First Health is launching the region’s first live-streaming, bi-weekly Community Health Briefings focused only on South Central Pennsylvania. These briefings will present COVID-19 healthcare data specific to vulnerable and at-risk populations in regional communities, inclusive of York, Lebanon, Lancaster, Hanover, and Gettysburg.” Thursday, June 11th at 9:00 a.m. Here’s how you can watch:
  • Watch on Facebook
  • If you are not available to join in the live press briefing, you can access recordings of the events on this web page. Also, you will find infographics and data presented in the briefing.

This weekend | “#BlackLivesMatter Actions Across Lancaster County: June 13-14.

“Across Lancaster County, we are rising up and demanding #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd, asserting that #BlackLivesMatter, and demanding systemic change. This past week thousands of Lancastrians came out to support this demand for justice—in Lancaster City and also in Elizabethtown, Ephrata, and Manheim.

“The weekend of June 13-14, we will be supporting more actions in boroughs and towns across Lancaster County. Help to make a #BlackLivesMatter vigil or rally happen in your area by filling out the form on this page.

“Lancaster Stands Up will be providing support to folks who sign up to host or help with these events. We’ll provide a planning guide, as well as a prep call, and help with recruiting. The guide will include guidance on how to ensure that events observe social distancing guidelines.”

nighthawks“Nighthawks,” from 1942.

Pandemic or not | Edward Hopper’s “masterly paintings explore conditions of aloneness as proof of belonging.”The Atlantic

Primary election returns | posted to date at the county site:

Chiefs of police statements | Lancaster County Chiefs of Police Association (this one, too, is unsigned – but it’s dated) and Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police(this one is signed, but undated.) This one’s neither signed nor dated.



  1. After all the grumblings about the public not being able to physically attend Council meetings, I thought for sure we would have some people in attendance last night. Sadly, only 1 member of the public attended in person.

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