Sunday’s news items [food serving inspection; local obituaries; standing up and saying it & more] – 6/28/2020

Recent food serving inspection | Dollar General

Local obituary notice of interest | Kitty Elaine Burke Wilkin • James R. Bierer

Sounding sessions | Columbia Borough School District: “WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!”

“As we navigate COVID-19 together and moving into the new school year, the administration would like to hear your thoughts and ideas for a safe return to our District Buildings. We are having a public meeting on Tuesday, June 30th at 6:00 PM at Park Elementary’s cafeteria for grades K-4, and Wednesday, July 1st, at 6:00 PM in the High School Auditorium for grades 5-12 to discuss this in more detail. You are cordially invited to attend and share any thoughts you have regarding the return of our students later this summer.”

open letter

In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster | There’s been nearly a universal support to “condemn the acts of violence, hatred, racism, and injustice that Black Americans and people of color have experienced for generations and continue to experience today.” The above ad appears in today’s newspaper and is one of many organizations, corporations, churches, local government and school district statements condemning racism and pledging “to end systemic racism in all its manifestations.” We applaud the Columbia Borough School District for making this stand BUT we wonder why Columbia Borough has not made a similar public statement.  

Little piggies to market, sure; but why | … would you take an assault rifle to market? Lancaster Online

life is great | … for those who can work from homeLancaster Online

life is less than great | … for those who cannot.Kellogg School of Management

What the hell, Biden? | “By shutting out this newspaper’s reporters, Biden campaign sends wrong message to Lancaster [editorial]”Lancaster Online

Senator Ryan Aument column | “Tackling the difficult issues around policing and race” Lancaster Online

“So now, perhaps more than ever, political leaders need to lead, to do what is right, and to do so with modesty, humility, prudence and grace. We must speak with moral clarity and come together to collectively condemn the injustices within our society. The words we use matter and are of consequence. But of greater importance are our actions.”


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