Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [divisiveness; “carless driving” & more] – 6/30/2020

The more we get together | the happier we’ll be.

more we get toghther

The divisiveness | To see how far apart everyone seems to be all one has to do is read the letters-to-the-editor or read the vitriolic, racist, political comments on social media sites. Heck, today even the wearing of a mask during a re-surging pandemic is divisive. The extremists on either side of the spectrum are loud and prolific; is there no majority in the middle? Where are the centrists, the consensus builders?

Recovery? It depends | “Prospects for economic recovery in the United States depend on how effectively the country can combat COVID-19”Futurity

Federal Reserve Bank chief | “Don’t Bet on a Quick Recovery”Route Fifty

That last stimulus payment | What’d Americans do with it?Route Fifty

cpd crimewatch

o-o-p-s! | This CrimeWatch post might apply to lots of pedestrians — “carless driving.” Typo’s do happen and sometimes the results make people smile. On a serious side though, wonder why it takes over a month from the arrest date to be posted at the CrimeWatch page?



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