Monday’s news & opinion items [blameless?; racist?; no growth? why?] – 7/6/2020

china virus

It’s all in the name | Trump corona virus or CCP virus?  Columbia news, views & reviews has explained ts reason for referring to the COVID- 19 coronavirus as the Trump coronavirus. And where do you think he got the idea to call it the “Chinese coronavirus? He is a devotee of media that fawns on him. Now, it seems others agree: It should be called the Trump coronavirus.

POTUS covid

Flashback | A look back at a Columbia news, views & reviews post on March 16, 2020.

Can you see it? | What would this nation have become of this nation if today’s “insurrectionists” and right-wing extremists who refuse to wear a mask and practice distancing had been the mettle needed and delivered during World War II when the

“federal government saturated the media with a campaign that encouraged Americans to buy the war bonds needed to fund the war effort. Newspapers carried war news on the front pages, and readers could purchase special maps and make flagged pins to stick on them to follow the progress of the fighting. Tires, meat, gasoline and other goods were rationed.

“Families planted their own ‘victory gardens’ to alleviate food shortages, repaired appliances and then repaired them again, and participated in scrap drives, tearing up old trolley tracks, donating old farm machinery, and scavenging other metal to be recycled into helmets, tanks, airplanes, and ships. On February 10, 1942, the federal government prohibited manufacturing of any new autos, after which folks made do with their existing automobiles. Fashions became simpler as men and women adjusted to life during a global war.

“Many descendents of the Quakers and German pietists who first settled Pennsylvania remained pacifists like their ancestors. During the war, thousands of conscientious objectors, in order to avoid military service, performed alternatives service in places ranging from farms and national parks to hospitals.” –

Ah, but | we were (forgive us Mr. Dylan) “so much smarter then – we’re dumber than that now.”

caste system

Long read | This New York Times Magazine article goes into rooms we never visit; we expect readers who refer to others as “those people” will not want to read this article.:

“America is an old house. We can never declare the work over. Wind, flood, drought and human upheavals batter a structure that is already fighting whatever flaws were left unattended in the original foundation. When you live in an old house, you may not want to go into the basement after a storm to see what the rains have wrought. Choose not to look, however, at your own peril. The owner of an old house knows that whatever you are ignoring will never go away. Whatever is lurking will fester whether you choose to look or not. Ignorance is no protection from the consequences of inaction. Whatever you are wishing away will gnaw at you until you gather the courage to face what you would rather not see.”

How racist are we? | Extremely, if the facebook post comments at Columbia Spy‘s photo essay: “About Town 7/5/2020 – This week’s photos of Columbia are indicative.

Haters keep hating | “Facebook groups pivot to attacks on Black Lives Matter – These groups, which now boast a collective audience of more than 1 million members, are still thriving after most states started lifting virus restrictions.” – WITF

Hoops home | In Washington Boro.Lancaster Online

Another eulogy for a newspaper | Several days ago, Columbia news, views & reviews was saddened by the news from Middletown. This is another eulogy about the death of an American newspaper. – The Burg 

POPULATION 100 years ago

So, why … | is Columbia the only municipality in Lancaster County to have lost population in the past 100 years? Is it the visionary political leadership? Lancaster County’s population has increased a dramatic 327 percent; overwhelmingly, its separate municipalities have experienced similar explosive growth. Yet, Columbia lags and loses. Strategically located between two huge markets (Lancaster and York) it has every natural advantage. What’s holding Columbia back? Too many years of what?

Fireworks are incendiary and polarizing, too | “Confrontations over fireworks leads to machete, gun arrests, police say”The Morning Call



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