Tuesday’s news items [Council meeting tonight; all incidents are local; tax rates & more] – 7/7/2020

Council meeting tonight | The meeting begins at &:00 pm and the agenda’s posted at the Borough Website.


“‘Elementary,’ said he.” | While some may argue that Sherlock Holmes never said, “Elementary, my dear Dr. Watson,” there’s no denying that “A basic premise of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) is that all incidents begin and end locally.” So as this headline in The Morning Call (“Gov. Tom Wolf now wants local governments to lead in pandemic fight”) the Governor is 100 percent correct.

selective information sharing | This Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch report is about a harassment charge, yet there’s been no information forthcoming about this multi-police department response posted at the Columbia news, views & reviews facebook page on June 29:

“So, how come there’s ‘nary a peep’ at any ‘official’ Columbia website about last night’s ‘HAMMER ATTACK’ in the 400 block of Manor Street?

“Unofficial sources report a bevy of lights & sirens police car responses. YET, there’s complete silence at the Police Department facebook page.

“UNBELIEVABLE. The intransigence of this borough’s leadership.”

That’s “cheeky.” | “Community members call out, boycott Skyline Pool after police are called on Latino and Black family”Lancaster Online

No school tax increase |… but still the highest in the county. And Columbia Borough’s municipal tax milage is the highest of any municipality (not a city) in the county.

If you’re really bored or rich | The creep, er, ah, VEEP will be in the county today; “He will also attend a fundraiser in Manheim, said Bob Asher, Pennsylvania’s Republican national committeeman. Asher said he expects to meet the fundraiser’s $1 million goal to benefit President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.” – WITF

“A Teacher Held a Famous Racism Exercise in 1968. |She’s Still at It.”The New York Times

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