Wednesday’s news items [last night’s council meeting; block party approved; it’s what you believe to be true that is true & more] – 7/8/2020


Tuesday’s council meeting  | At the time of this post, 571 viewers tuned into Last night’s live-streamed and facebook re-cast borough council meeting. Wonder how many of them had difficulty hearing the conversations of several of those who spoke; especially the comments of the mush-mouthed utterances of mayor? Some of the assembled wore masks; some did not. One wore a mask for this meeting; the same person did not wear a mask a at the last Parks & Recreation committee meeting. “This notice appears at a local facebook page: “Just wanted to invite you to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting this Thursday beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the Borough Council Chambers, open to the Public. Sarah and I hope to see you there! 😊”

block party

With little discussion, council approved a block party that’s now, according to councillor Todd Burgard, a four hour event. Reckon this is an open event? The same councillor felt the need to restate the “green” coronavirus status; another councillor questioned him and asked whether the current state order differed from what he read. On July 1, the Governor issued this order.

Yep, who didn’t know this? | “Humans are hardwired to dismiss (coronavirus) facts that don’t fit their worldview” LiveScience

“Grandparents raising grandchildren under lockdown | When the protectors are the most vulnerable: … older people have shouldered extra duties feeding, caring for and educating their grandkids even as the coronavirus puts them at high risk.” – The Hechinger Report

makle park protest

“They’ve taken our CS gas away” | “Austin Police Association ready to call officers to stop working at protests unless demands are met”KVUE-TV

Yet | These stories have surfaced:

“The New Developers | In Harrisburg, African American builders are revitalizing neighborhoods, cultivating community”The Burg





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