Sunday’s news items [woke communities; restaurant inspections; $1.5 million property sale; Columbia “bucket list”; wear a mask & more] – 7/19/2020

e-town council statementBeginning of Elizabethtown’s public statement.

Woke communities | Elizabethtown is one of many municipalities (including school districts) in the County, the state and the nation that “gets it.” In the minutes of the June 18 Council meeting, the borough council president read a public statement that included this promise:

“Going forward, we know that we will need to open our eyes, ears, and hearts, and be willing to engage in difficult conversations, if we truly want to see positive change occur. We want Elizabethtown to be a community that is welcoming to all and we will commit ourselves and our resources to continuous improvement. We will listen and seek to make those positive improvements. We will work toward solutions focused on creating a better Elizabethtown, for everyone.”

You may remember the article about “armed vigilantes on the rooftops” | Sunday’s new items [up on the rooftops; no shows & leaders & more] – 6/7/2020Columbia news, views & reviews [NOTE: The first step to overcoming fear or challenges is to admit there is a fear or there is racism,] 

OPINION column | “Young white people don’t want to live like this”Penn Live

Food serving inspections | in the area

they read the same stuff | “What they do with it is a different question.”Nieman Lab

$1 million and a half property sale | This property on North Second Street; the deed.

columbia pa

“Summer Bucket List | Susquehanna NHA in partnership with Borough of Columbia’s Parks and Recreation Committee has launched a 2020 Columbia Summer Bucket List. We have all been struggling to keep busy and find new fun during the global pandemic.” –

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