Thursday’s news items [COVID-19 grants; Sweet Caroline new lyrics; council meeting tonight, buying an airport? (again) & much more] – 8/6/2020

Tonight at 7:00 pm | Columbia Borough council work session meeting with a “revised” agenda: Though you wouldn’t know it from this verbiage at the Borough Website: 08-06-2020 Work Session Agenda Packet

revised agenda

Three years ago | Another set of councillors did this; the minutes from that meeting have now been restored to the borough’s new Website.


  • Council voted (5-1) to go ahead with a purchase of the McGinness Airport property – identified as tax parcel numbers 110-18629-0-0000, 110-43923-0-0000, 110-02300-0-0000, 110-83129-0-0000, 110-86091-0-0000, 110-19477-0-0000, 110-44952-0-0000 and 110-98905-0-0000 constituting approximately fifty-eight acres of land located within the Borough of Columbia and land located within West Hempfield Township.
  • The purchase price is $1,625,000. But it was stated the appraised value is a tad over $1.7 million and the mayor speculated that the property when properly developed could be worth $20 million. When developed, the mayor submitted it could mean “good paying jobs” for Columbia’s citizens. There were several references indicating the property is the largest space of undeveloped property in any borough in the county.


Neil Diamond “Hands.. washing hands”

COVID-19 Grants for PA Small BusinessesThe COVID-19 Relief Statewide Small Business Assistance Program will open its second application window at 9 AM on August 10. This will be the final opportunity to apply for the program. The application window will remain open for 15 business days, closing at 11:59 PM on August 28. 

Pennsylvania small businesses are encouraged to apply for relief if they:
  • Had 25 or fewer full-time employees prior to February 15, 2020
  • Have annual revenues of $1 million or less, and
  • Were economically impacted by COVID-19″ –

longer or shorterSOURCE: While you were working smartbrief

fox(Annette Bertelsen)

“A fox in Kansas”  – This photo was submitted by Annette Bertelsen.  Full Story: Flickr”While you were working smartbrief


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