CALLING ALL YOUNG VOTERS: “Why Vote in 2020? The Election Is Not Just About Trump vs. Biden” – Teen Vogue

youth vote

“Teen Vogue surveyed activists, politicians, and more about the concrete reasons why it is worth voting in the 2020 elections.” 

by Teen Vogue Staff

“Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: ‘We’ve just got to get rid of Donald Trump.’ Throughout the 2020 campaign cycle, this has been the rallying cry, the reminder, the phrase used to lecture people who feel disillusioned with and disenfranchised by a system that has failed them.

“But this election cycle — and this year — is about so much more than Trump, or the White House. We’ve experienced the collective traumas of the COVID-19 pandemic and record-setting wildfires alongside the earth-shattering force of the largest uprisings against racism in recent history. We know that real change can happen when we come together, and that so much can be lost if we don’t do every single thing in our power to keep that from happening, including voting, organizing, marching, and simply caring for one another.

“We’re hoping that you vote for the local and state candidates who support the issues you believe in. Vote for the ballot amendments relevant to your life. Vote for your community, your family, your friends, for clean air and water, for people locked in cages, for control over your body, for love over hate. Vote because so many in power don’t want you to exercise that right. Acknowledge the flaws in a two-party system and the scourge of voter suppression, and cast a ballot anyway. Vote, and then go out and keep working toward the world you want to live in.

“Despite everything, it is worth voting this fall, and to give you more concrete reasons why, Teen Vogue coordinated the Our Time Is Now project, reaching out to activists, lawmakers, and organizers to ask how young people — above all — are guiding us toward a brighter future.”

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