Saturday’s news items [Tide wins; letters; crazy time & more] – 10/10/2020

In Mountville | Mountville’s Borough “Council unanimously voted to offer the vacant position of borough manager to Mark Pugliese for a salary between $57,000 and $80,000.” – Report in LNP – Always Lancaster

reversal of fortune | When’s the last time we’ve seen this: Columbia’s football team is winning; Lancaster Catholic’s not!

no social distancing here? | The borough update.

letters standards

“meaningless” policy | A few days ago, we posted this:

LNP – Always Lancaster‘s “Letter Policy” says one thing, yet the first two letters in today’s newspaper both exceed the stated letter limit of 250 words by more than double. A few weeks ago, another excessively worded letter ostensibly signed by Lancaster County veterans (two of the more prominent are county commissioners) was published. Today’s examples, again, seem to prove that it’s who you are that dictates the increasingly common standards deviations. 

So, in today’s paper … | there’s yet another letter-to-the-editor (top graphic, letter at the right) about the inconsistencies in a letter to the editor published on September 16 (the above letter on the extreme left) and the response letter (middle letter, above) from another group of veterans published on October 7. Interestingly, good old Bob Horst, portends to take the middle ground by writing “I am saddened that patriotic citizens would use military credentials to underscore and lend credibility to negative political views … “, yet affixes “US Navy veteran to his signature. WTH!

LNP – Always Lancaster‘s meaningless policy | The first letter (above, left) has 575 words in it excluding the persons who “signed” it. The second letter (center) has 253 words excluding the persons who signed it. The third letter (above right) has 144 words. The first letter we’ve been told was granted exemption from LNP – Always Lancaster‘s letter policy because “it had so many signatories.”

Check out this site | “See how susceptible your home is to fires, floods, and other climate disasters” Fast Company

first you say you won’t | then you will. Is this crazy or what?Vanity Fair

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