Area collages

Catching area splendor during these nice days of December — we “collaged” some scenes from last Sunday and yesterday.

collage highpointThe views from across The River at Highpoint Scenic Vista & Recreation Area are exceptional.

cpllage sam lewisMore stunning views are from nearby Samuel S. Lewis State Park.

collage river trailAbout 65 percent of the traffic on yesterday afternoon’s walk on the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail between Columbia and Marietta was bike riders. Also encountered a skate boarder and walkers/runners/joggers. The Yield to Pedestrians sign on Route 441 is an ominous one.

collage rose Yep, there’s a place to buy some grocery items for downtown residents. Stopped by Rose’s Deli and More for a take-out soup and sandwich. And Rose has incorporated a small store stocking deli meats and cheeses as well as food staples.

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