Monday’s news items [local note obituary; letter writer; winter weather advisory; swamp dwellers & more] – 12/14/2020

Local interest obituary | Thomas M. Donan III

Columbia letter writer | Letter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster – Why no masks in Oval Office?” 

This weather advisory | “We could see some heavy snow at times, falling at a rate of up 1 inch per hour, particularly south of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in the late morning or early afternoon,” is from the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department CrimeWatch page.

But then | “The wintry mix will come to an end early Monday afternoon. Then, we have a more impactful event likely to move in for Wednesday.”FOXTV-43

Wondered why | we couldn’t access our google calendar earlier. “Gmail, YouTube, Google Classroom, other Google-branded services knocked offline.”PennLive

swamp draining

As the days get shorter | and the national comedy/tragedy worsens by the the day,, the latest misadventures of the DIC’s swamp dwellers unfolds. Everyday citizens and the medical and scientific communities are the patriots in the battle against the Trump coronavirus managing their socially distanced worlds.

Meanwhile, “National security adviser Robert O’Brien is taking his wife on a holiday tour of the romantic Mediterranean and European capitals, including seeking a private tour of the Louvre despite it being closed because of coronavirus restrictions.” Telling you, the depraved sense of entitlement and plundering of this nation is just too much to bear.

Highest pair & oldest, yes … | but the elected public servants in Congress were the least productive in decades.AXIOS

Way to go, Domino’s | “Domino’s Pizza has announced that it will pay bonuses this month to more than 11,500 company-owned store and supply chain hourly team members and drivers with bonuses totaling more than $9.6 million. Employees will receive a bonus of up to $1,200.” – PennLive

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