No, Amanda, that ain’t gonna’ happen! And now the Columbia Police Department is onto your crap!

cpd-scam-alert says this about the 888.647.4445 number: “1-888-647-4445 is not a valid number. If you are sure that you got a phone call from a number beginning with this prefix, the caller may have ‘spoofed’ caller ID. ”


Besides having an extremely annoying voice, Amanda, your unsolicited phone call to a number that’s listed at the DO NOT CALL list really pisses us off.

Listen to her here and see what we’re talking about.

Amanda, you are a scammer! The phone number in your voice message – 800-210-9011 – gets these responses at

The number that showed on our caller ID when you called – 724-248-2179 is phony, too has all not nice comments about “American Power and Gas” – the company you claim to represent.

In a post about these kinds of calls a month ago, we suggested: “Dunno’ know about you, but we never answer any calls – we let them go to voice mail.”

We stick to that!

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