Today’s news … Saturday, January 7, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … “Life goes on.” – A shopper, according to this LNP – Always Lancaster article about the Fruitville Pike Kmart store closing. It’s the modern interpretation of a Charles Darwin statement: “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.


Today’s second quote …He will never make it …  Never.” – A quote from a New York Jets player when asked whether Christian Hackenberg will change the Jets’ fortunes.  – PennLive


  • Thursday night’s School Board of Directors “committee of the whole” meeting was presided over by Charles Leader, vice president, in the unexplained absence of recently elected president, Keith Combs. Also absent from the meeting was recently appointed director, Iris Garrido. The remaining directors, the superintendent, the director of operations and the interim and acting financial officer (Keith Ramsey,  chief of finance and operations at Eastern Lancaster County School District) attended to the agenda items in just under an hour. Roughly a handful of citizens attended the meeting; two made comments during the agenda’s “public comment” item.
  • One of the citizens asked for clarification on the meetings schedule. The board advised the citizen that topic would be addressed later in the meeting under agenda item 11. And it was, the board had to conduct a role call vote to confirm that meetings would be held on the first and third Thursday’s monthly as was advertised in a LEGAL NOTICE several weeks ago. Board member, Cole Knighton, voted against the motion; he wanted meetings to be held on the second and third meetings of each month because it’s “better for me.”
  • Another citizen asked whether the board will be incorporating a “near the end of the meeting” agenda item allowing citizen comments on topics that might be introduced during the meeting. A board member said that would be addressed during the meeting. It was not discussed and the citizen and others were puzzled by the non-decision on the question.
  • Here’s Monday night’s first borough council meeting of 2017 DRAFT agenda. Items listed for discussion include (1) snowflake decorations; (2) adding $5,000 to the borough’s donation to Columbia QRS and providing access cards to several QRS to the borough’s Fuel Sharing/Saving Program and (3) discussion the resignation of a councillor initially discussed and tabled at the December meeting.
  • Order in the insanity | The emergency response to yesterday’s unexplained tragedy at the Fort Lauderdale airport was textbook. Police responded quickly and expertly. The airport staff response was swift, too. Within minutes a warning notice was posted on the Website. The police commander / public information officer’s initial press briefing was exacting, compassionate and reasoned (in spite of some of the typical not-so-bright reporter questions). Read this FireRescue1 opinion.
  • Clearly, the incident demonstrates the cascading shock waves that are sent across all society when this kind of “one-person” attack happens. Just as clearly is the evidence that having plans, and practicing, for the “what-if, never gonna’ happen here” critical incidents pays off. Read this article.

snow fallsnowflakes are falling

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