Today’s news – Saturday, January 14, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

coyote-dayDays ’til coyote day!

Today’s quote … “… LNP misses to many local things that should be reported or put on line for viewers, I get so sick of our local news not posting or talking about what’s happening locally. ” – Comment following an newspaper staffer’s comment about local news reporting at Lancaster Online.

  • Also posted | A Special Meeting at the Columbia Borough School District Website – a 5:30 pm Special Meeting for next Wednesday, January 18. What gives, does the school board really not want people to attend? At 5:30, many people are still heading home from work. No agenda posted yet.
  • Columbia’s girls’ basketball captures page one of sports in today’s LNP – Always Lancasterread the article here.




  1. Aside from public attendance, one has to wonder how many board members will make it to this meeting for the interviews. Some can’t even make it for the six and seven o’clock start times.

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