Today’s news (part II) – Saturday, March 4, 2017

Some more of today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … “I’ve done town halls in person as a state senator. We may very well do that again.” – That’s the response from new US Representative Lloyd Smucker as 100 average, regular citizens protested outside a paid event at which the elected public servant spoke with business people at a Chamber of Commerce event in Lancaster. – Lancaster Online

  • The new Representative looks just like his predecessor. Arrogance personified in the condescending tone.
  • Communication, in the form of timely, comprehensive and timely posting of Council committee meetings, is improved and welcome. All the committee minutes are posted at the Borough’s Website. Two committees, Property and Community Development, have not posted minutes since November and December meetings.


  • Seems lots of folks in Wonderland are chatting with the Russians; wonder whether all of them will lie and say they didn’t as the Attorney General did? – The Washington Post

sh-h-h-hHey, folks … use one phone for business and another for work! And use one email account for your personal life and another for your business life!

  • The crimes a just getting worse and worse. A POLICE LOG item in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster : The New Holland culprit “was charged after she used ketchup to write an expletive on a vehicle during a fight involving several people March 1 in the parking lot of CVS Pharmacy.”

One comment

  1. Councilman Berntheizel has not produced the meeting minutes for Community Development in Jan 2016, May 2016, July 2016, August 2016, Nov 2016, and Jan 2017. This would be a Right to Know nightmare to scramble and get them finished. Hmm!

    This is the job of Council President to make sure these minutes are posted in a timely manner. We should not have to guess or hear rumors of what is going on in town. I read them for the transparency for our future, government fiscal responsibility and prosperity.

    Be responsible!

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