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Snow emergency information

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borough offices closed

At tonight’s council meeting, the mayor said that emergency shelters will be announced for anyone seeking shelter during the snow emergency.

PHONE (717) 684 – 7735 Non-Emergency
1-800-957-2677 LANCASTER COUNTY DISPATCH Non-Emergency

CALL 9-1-1 for emergencies

Check WGAL-TV8 for closings

Columbia Borough School District will be closed

Columbia Meals on Wheels will be closed.

Columbia Public Library will be closed

The Turkey Hill Experience will be closed.

Check FOX 43- TV for closings (some different entities listed here)

Check Lancaster Online for closings.

before the storm, let’s thank those who really care about people

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thank you during storm

Those who don’t really care about the vulnerable populations (seniors and poor people) in this nation don’t want our thanks. Those horribly over-paid “elected public servants” in the US Congress don’t need our thanks. They don’t want it either.

They’re being thanked and $pon$ored by their wealthier constituents, those who benefit so much more than the 18 to 20 million people who’ll lose health insurance under the weasel’s American Health Care Act.


Snow Emergency announced for Columbia | Snow Emergency – Snow Storm Stella

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Posted at the Columbia Borough Website

March 13, 2017


A Snow Emergency will be in effect in the Borough of Columbia beginning at 10:00 PM, Monday, March 13, 2017. The Snow Emergency will remain in effect until further notice. The Snow Emergency will be to facilitate clean-up efforts in the Borough.

Vehicle travel on Borough Streets marked as “Snow Emergency Routes” shall be in accordance with the Borough’s “Snow Emergency Ordinance” except for emergency situations. No person shall operate a vehicle on any Snow Emergency Route in such a manner or in such condition as to allow or permit such vehicle to become stalled on a “Snow Emergency Route” either by reason of the fact that the driving wheels are not equipped with chains or proper tires, by the exhaustion of the fuel supply to the vehicle, or by abandonment of the vehicle.

Click here to read the announcement in full.


“Gov. Wolf’s emergency proclamation, travel restrictions: Here’s what they entail”Penn Live

Today’s news – Monday, March 13, 2017

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Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “ … it is important for residents to be prepared with emergency supplies at home. Some of those items include; an emergency kit with provisions for a minimum of 3 days, rock salt, snow shovels and a radio. For more information visit the PEMA site here. – Extracted from this FOX43-TV article: “PennDOT, state officials taking proactive steps as winter storm approaches.”

Second quote for today … “America is now governed by a president and party that fundamentally don’t accept the idea that there are objective facts. Instead, they want everyone to accept that reality is whatever they say it is.”Paul Krugman column in The New York Times

broken system

  • Wonder how many scheduled meetings and event will be canceled this week?  We just received out first cancellation in an email.
  • But it’s another full page of letters with comments about changing the property tax system, climate change, the left-wing Democratic party and … noticeably …  a few more letters condemning the current POTUS.

ncaa bracketClick on the graphic or here to download the bracket (and to enlarge to read).