Today’s news – Thursday, March 9, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “These employees had been there for 20 years and told the governor time and time again they’d never been asked their opinion.” – Rep. Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland), a former Ridge staffer, in this Channel 27 article about how Pennsylvania can save money.

  • Congratulations to Dominic Marinelli, representing Our Lady of Angels School and a semi-finalist in LNP’s  59th annual Spelling Bee; you can root for him at “7 p.m. Friday at Conestoga Valley Middle School, 500 Mount Sidney Road.” – LNP – Always Lancaster has the article.
  • Columbia School District’s students’ SAT scores rank near the bottom of Lancaster County public school systems according to the article and graphic in an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. The State’s Department of Education posts the state’s school district numbers here: (Public School SAT Scores 2016 (Excel)


  • Why is it most folksincluding American Hospital Association, the Association of American Medical Colleges, the Catholic Health Association of the United States and the Children’s Hospital Associationdon’t like the weasel’s health care bill?The New York Times

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  1. I’m very disappointed that Leo Lutz is running unopposed. Is it too late to push a write-in candidate? Does Columbia not have one other person that can step up? Time for the Lutz era to end. We need a new face representing this town.

  2. So do we have two parties here in town? Neither party has a full ballot. So many people complain, so few want to help. This was everyone’s chance.

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