More news for Sunday, March 12, 2017

…WINTER STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM 8 PM MONDAY TO 10 PM EDT TUESDAY… * LOCATIONS…The Central and Northeastern Mountains and the Susquehanna Valley. * HAZARD TYPES…Heavy snow. * SNOW ACCUMULATIONS…9 to 15 inches, with the greatest amounts across the Lower Susquehanna Valley northeast into the Poconos.” – National Weather Service

shootingSHOOTING UPDATE –“Columbia police investigate reported Sunday morning shooting” –  Lancaster Online

Another quote for today … “Wake up, wake up you sleepy head – Get up, get out of your bed.” – from the Al Jolson hit, “When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin’ Along..” A tune for the first day of Daylight Saving Time.

  • Sometimes obituaries tell life stories that few know. We revere those who really are the “public servants” who carry the scars and burdens of wars entered into by the “elected public servants” who’s never really served. Not to mention the right-wing radio talk show  and “fundie” extremist “nut-jobs” who are always willing to follow the party lines.
  • Our World War II veterans (“public Servants”) and Korean War veterans are approaching and entering natural end-of-life time. So, too, are our Viet Nam veteran generation(s). Several veteran’s obituary notices appear in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. This one shares the courageous saga of “his struggle with post traumatic stress disorder and neurological damage sustained from his exposure to agent orange in Vietnam.” Too many others fail to grasp the horrors of war that remain long after the battles are fought.


  • ALL-STARS: Columbia’s Tyler Harman and Noah Myers were named to the Section 3 second team in LNP beat reporter Jeff Reinhart’s “L-L League 2016-17 basketball all-stars” list. Also named as Co-Coaches of the Year: “Kerry Glover, Columbia and Geoff Groff, Lancaster Mennonite.”
  • Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster carries another full-page of letters-to-the-editors running a gamut of divergent subjects: in support of and not in support of Smucker; fake news; health care, etc. A Columbia letter writer notes, ” … published letters that spread malicious untruths in an increasingly fragile democracy.”
  • Another letter writer states: “We need to encourage attendance at local government meetings and value input from the community. We must also reach the community where it is today: online and on social media. Government only works when it works for the people. It’s time we stand up and demand it.”
  • WOW! 13 Columbia property transactions in the Deeds Recorded in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.
  • Legal Notices at the Columbia Borough Website includes this: Dumkopf, LLC c/o Mountville Motor Sales is requesting special exception(s) and/or variance(s) to construct a structure for additional vehicle repair and maintenance at 806 Lancaster Avenue in a Highway Commercial (HC) zoned district.

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