Today’s news … Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … I always help a neighbor in the time of crisis and need. That’s how you become, in my opinion, good neighbors.” – Harrisburg resident Ricky Tanna in this FOX43-TV article: “‘That’s how you become good neighbors’: Harrisburg residents shovel together, applaud city”

  • Gobble, gobble | Hospital competition among “big boys” heats up – Pinnacle buys Carlisle Regional Medical Center in Cumberland County; Memorial Hospital in York County; and Lancaster Regional Medical Center and Heart of Lancaster Regional Medical Center in Lancaster County and UPMC Health System “affiliates” with Pinnacle. – Here’s the story from Penn Live.
  • Who is UPMC?The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is a $12.8 billion integrated global nonprofit health enterprise that has 60,000 employees, over 20 hospitals with more than 5,000 licensed beds, 500 clinical locations including outpatient sites and doctors’ offices, a 3 million-member health insurance division, as well as commercial and international ventures.”
  • It’s all how it’s said – The definition of affiliation | “UPMC recorded operating revenue of $13 billion in 2016, while Pinnacle’s total revenue in fiscal 2015 was $1.07 billion, according to the Federal Trade Commission.” – Modern Healthcare
  • It’s all how it’s said – The definition of acquistion | Last October, “UPMC acquired Williamsport health system” – Pittsburgh Business Times
  • Before you register at this site ( looking for online files of The Columbia News – don’t bother, it’s not one of the newspapers in the site’s listing.

weaselSo, do the folks in the weasel’s home town like him? Depends …

  • The town of Janesville has a really nifty facebook page | “The Janesville Community Page, a Facebook page for community sharing of events, ideas and concerns as well as general conversation and community building. JCP is a privately managed page and is not affiliated with the City of Janesville organization. This page promotes postings by commercial and non-commercial pages and events. However, images or postings that may be considered offensive, graphic or otherwise unacceptable by admins of this page, will be removed. This page does not encourage or condone illegal acts, violence, threats or harassment under any circumstances. This page is not affiliated with any businesses, group or entity, government or otherwise. This page is here to help our community communicate and connect, because by working together and making connections we can accomplish great things.”
  • Nah, one commenter says,For the elderly, the poor, and the families of veterans you are a poor representative to protect our interests. Give us the same programs you get for health care and retirement, if not you should be on ours.”
  • Another says,Ryan’s telling a lot of half truths. Sure trumpcare is a lot better… for the top 1% only.
  • How’d he get elected? Same way Pennsylvania’s electd public servants do – the gerrymandered district.Do you mean popular majority in this country or in Paul Ryan’s gerrymandered district?,” says another facebook comment.
  • The weasel’s claim: I often spend time at my Janesville Constituent Services Center (CSC) working and meeting with constituents
  • Fourth Friday: Susquehanna Center for the Creative Arts (224 Locust St)  is still showcasing Wrightsville artist, Frank Morgan. Garth Gallery (22 S Second St) will feature their Annual Abstract Exhibit.

    Looking ahead, the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce, which coordinates Fourth Friday in the River Towns, is initiating a new program this spring and summer.

    Through the Fire Studios is trying something different for the next Fourth Friday, 5-8, March 24th, and next day Saturday, 9-5, March 25th. A kind of ‘Artsy’ Flea Market! Exchange! Swap! Bizarre! TTFire Sales! A place for artists to sell and buy things that artists collect—things from our attic, or just downsizing archives of artwork or collectibles.

    Studio owner, Ben Ahlgrim, will offer indoor spaces in the gallery area measuring approximately 10’X10’. A limited number of round tables are available (first-come/first-serve) for those who can’t supply their own. Spaces are limited. A specially priced introductory fee of $30 will secure your space for both Friday evening 5-8 and Sat 9-5. Reserve your space today!

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