Today’s news … Saturday, April 1, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “The indictment marks the second time Ramm has been charged for making fraudulent loans, according to court records.” – Why would a bank would hire a “second time employee with theft charges;” find out in this Central Penn Business Journal article.

  • Legal Notice – in the general circulation publication of record but not at the Borough Website.
  • At the Website:Market House Fall/Winter Hours The Market House will be open Wednesday & Thursday 10am to 2pm (with limited stand holders); Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 10am to 3pm. Are Fall/Winter Hours the order for Springtime?
  • White Privilege – real? LIP News has a video showing a traffic stop of an older driver in Lancaster: “The police gave a field sobriety test to a woman passenger in the back seat. She passed. The driver then got out and handed her the keys and he got in the back seat and she drove away as the police watched.”

03 - advance

  • Another Legal Notice at Lancaster Online announces a new business in Columbia: Epic Cleaning. Congratulations.

Meanwhile, this business is for sale!daycare for saleThe sale is for the business and all of the inventory, not the building.  The space rental is $1200/month.Craigslist

mondays pre-school

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