Today’s news – Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today …Now, I know you’re thinking, why do this? Isn’t it a waste of time? Aren’t my legislators shapeless shadows zombie-walking through bogs of polluted politics?” – John Baer, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist, asks these questions as he encourages readers to get in touch with legislators during another break.

  • Here’s a look at federal “elected public servants” year: Days in non-leap year: 365 – Days spent in D.C.: 140 –  Weekend days: 105 – Federal holidays: 10 – Recess/travel/state work days: 110. Oh, yeah, the average American worker gets 16 days of combined vacation and holiday time per year.
  • Ever seen the Uncle Jay video about the Congressional work schedule? Click here.
  • Vipers and weasels | This line is from a letter to the editor in today’s LNP Always Lancaster: I take some comfort in the realization that history will treat McConnell as the villain who did more than anyone else to turn one of the world’s most collegial and effective legislative bodies into a paralyzed and acrimonious den of vipers.”  Another look at the slimey guy that Kentuckians keep electing comes in this Washington Post column from Dana Milbrank, “Mitch McConnell: the man who broke America.”
  • SCAM CALLER – Student Loan SCAMMERS on 215-372-1781!! Offering to reduce loan rates, but actually they phish for your CREDIT CARD NUMBERS! Beware! They are SCAMMERS!”

Lancaster Library Death CafeClick on the graphic above to download as a .pdf for sharing and printing.

  • On average, municipalities with their own local police force paid $155 per person in 2014; Columbia paid $246.85 according to this Penn Live article.

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