Today’s news – Saturday, April 15, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … Cuts in federal funding for social services and community development proposed by President Donald Trump’s administration would have ‘devastating consequences’ for Lancaster, Mayor Rick Gray warned City Council this week.The lead paragraph from a page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “City, county brace for possible cutbacks.”

intermezzo No longer in the buildingIntermezzo by Stephanie is no longer a stand holder at the Columbia Historic Market House.

noticesNotice, though, the Legal Notice on the right shows a response date of September 2, 2016. Erratum note: We goofed, the headline above should read “or the borough hall windows.” (We apologize for the typing error.)

awning on hotel locust


  • There’s another government entity instance of hiding the truth by shielding their back-room actions from citizens. Over in East Cocalico Township, the supervisors secretly and out of the rays of sunshine, hired a township supervisor.  The local news source, The Ephrata Review, has several articles and letters-to the editor in this week’s issue. Here’s a column, too.
  • So the cost per “kill” may be around $10,000 considering the cost of the “Mother” bomb, the conveyance and delivery charges. That doesn’t include civilian casualties, though there weren’t any we’re told, and, of course, no animals and the environment didn’t get any of the effects.
  • What goes up – must come down | Tass, the Russian news agency, says the the US built the bunker complex that, purportedly, Mother obliterated.
  • $93,810,000 | the price of the 59 tomahawk missiles fired on an airbase in Syria.

One comment

  1. $10000 per kill. Nobody cares how much this costs. Drop more bombs on these terroists. This is why we pay taxes. And for less funding because of Trump and it will hurt lancaster county. Another thing that doesn’t benefit me one way or another. He the President and probably the best one we will ever have. So live with it. What we need to cut in Lancaster county is some of the dead weight programs we don’t need.

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