Letters-to-the-editor today includes a Columbia letter writer’s | “Congress refuses to govern”

Amen to that, Mr. Tillet … and thank you for writing that letter-to-the-editor.

Lots of other letters in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster deal with other continuing societal issues: senior citizens contending with fixed incomes and rising taxes; lack of transparency in “elected public servants”; failing infrastructure; condemnation of teacher pay increases and many more ills.

Again, we’re reminded of the novel, 2030: The real story of what happened in America, in which, America is wrestling with “a ballooning national debt and America’s slippage as a nation able to take care of its own.”

And this narrative: “… millions of baby boomers, with a big natural predator picked off, were sucking dry benefits and resources that were never meant to hold them into their eighties and beyond. Young people around the country simmered with resentment toward ‘the olds’ and anger at the treadmill they could never get off of just to maintain their parents’ entitlement programs.”

From today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, too:

HEALTH LITERACY WORKSHOP: The Pennsylvania LINK to Aging and Disability Resources will host a health literacy workshop Wednesday at the Manheim Township Public Library, 595 Granite Run Drive. The afternoon workshop is scheduled from 1-4 and the evening workshop is from 5:30 to 8:30. The workshops are open to the public.

Healthcare professionals Helen Houpt, Julia Bucher and Katie Shradley will present sessions including “Health Literacy: What is it & What you Need to Know”; “Organizational Interventions to address Health Literacy”; “Plain Language: How Can I Use it in my Setting?”; and “Putting it All Together: Providing Health Literate Care in your Organization.”

Space is limited and reservations are required.

For more information or to make reservations, call/ text 717-380-9714 or email blllink@mail.com

Health Literacy Info sheet - DRAFT


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