Today’s news – Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “The Department of Revenue said Monday that April’s tax collections came in at $537 million, or 13 percent, below expectations.”

A second quote … “So it goes: governance without openness in a state with futile fiscal management.” columnist in this opinion column.

  • And this from a commenter to the Sunday grates & weeds piece: “Regarding the tree grates: The shade tree commission did not want them, but some members reluctantly gave in. We had tree grates before and they did not work out that is why they were removed. The sidewalks here are not wide enough to properly accommodate the trees let alone grates and bricks. Every street has sidewalks that are lifting up due to tree roots. They present a tripping hazard and are difficult for those using wheelchairs to maneuver. Since we now have the tree grates, they must be maintained and that means trash removal including cigarette butts. Over this past weekend I saw trash sticking up out of the top of cans on Locust Street. The Mayor said last year that they were going to catch those that are tossing household trash in the containers. What does this look like to those visiting Columbia? Over in the small parking lot at North Fourth and Walnut Streets, there are very large piles of dog feces on a daily basis. Why pay $65,000 a year for a consultant to help with our ‘streetscape’ when the basics like trash removal and feces pick-up are not being done. The alley to the rear of the Turkey Hill store on Chestnut Street looks like a landfill or dump for months and months now. Another section of that alley has hundreds of cigarette butts piling up and I do mean hundreds. We just purchased a new street sweeper, so why not run it through the alleys once in a while, even every couple months. That alley has not been touched in at least the last nine months.” – [NOTE: Community Development begins with attention to small details.]
  • Letter writer praises the “Earth Day celebration at Sahd Metal Recycling in Columbia on April 22″ in a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

tn sluggerClean Up Hitter | Police in Kingsport, Tennessee say a 53-some year old “female resident, at only 4-foot-11, was an entire foot shorter than Sotello, weighed nearly 100 pounds less than he did and was 18 years older” whupped up on a burgler with a baseball bat. – Kingsport Times-News


  1. As I go for a daily walk, it is hard not to notice the weeds,trash, and cigarette butts on our sidewalks and gutters. If people would be more considerate with their trash and not use the gutters as trash cans, outside visitors would get a better impression of our town.
    As for weeds,if pulled and a weed killer is sprayed,that would help with that problem. The one problem with alot of these problems are the absentee landlords who could care less about their properties. The Borough must crack down on them.

  2. This is a first step in economic development – in community development! Proper codes and proper codes enforcement reinforce standards that this is a town that is proud of its appearance and it pays attention to the indicators of a healthy economic environment. We can blame absentee landlords, but let’s point firstly to first level on the enforcement of codes and litter laws.

    If violators find out there’s a serious approach to making the town presentable and attractive, we’ll see progress.

    • I agree with both replies. At a meeting, I asked why the code enforcement officers don’t wear brightly colored shirts much like the meter men are wearing. I believe their shirts say “Parking Enforcement.” Code enforcement is (at least) equally important. If they would walk the streets wearing these type of shirts, maybe residents would take notice. Not too long ago, the mayor did say that code officers would would​ be walking the streets. Whatever happened to to that? They could issue quick tickets as they walk past areas with trash and dog feces. A crack down is needed since some residents cannot act civilized.

  3. And back in 2015, “the mayor said that the police department would be ‘sectored’ and partnered with codes staff to begin catching codes violations and provide a police presence that will reassure residents.”

    You know the Dr. Phil mantra: “Hows’s that working for you?”

    • Thanks for the link to that article. I read it again and clearly remember the mayor explaining the program. Did he make it up to appease those that complained? If it is actually in existence, the results or outcome should be made public. We have a right to know how successful it has been to date.

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