Today’s news … Friday, May 5, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “Isn’t it interesting how often government leaders use passive voice to refer to their bad decisions? ‘Mistakes were made,’ ‘The intelligence was flawed,’ ‘Things got out of control,’ etc., etc. And even when they say ‘I take responsibility,’ they almost never actually take responsibility by, say, resigning or reimbursing or even apologizing to the victims of their decisions; they just go on about their business with nary an apology or a look back. ” – From this article at The Atlas Network.

Another quote for today …Gosh, the law sure is on the dime protecting us from welfare fraud. Apparently the law doesn’t consider treason a la trump and administration enough of a crime to proceed on. And all you people worried about getting paid back, how many multi-million tax dollar trips to mar a lago for golf have you complained about? – From this article at Lancaster Online about Lancaster Countians arrested for “welfare fraud. ” Among those arrested are women from Columbia and Mountville. [NOTE: The moral of the story is those on those on the one end of the spectrum get hammered for crimes – those on another end get rewarded for their crimes.]

your money

sheriff salesSeveral borough properties are listed on the Sheriff’s Sales May 31 date in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster and here.


  1. I especially hate it when anyone says “I take full responsibility,” because it means NOTHING! Makes them feel good, as if they have resolved the problem.

    • Exactly, these pretenders that are in the legislature come up with responses like this:

      “‘Oh, gosh,’ said Virginia congressman Thomas Garrett when asked on MSNBC whether he had perused the text of the far-reaching legislation.

      “‘I don’t think any individual has read the whole bill,’ he said. ‘That’s why we have staff.’

      Yet these pretenders are being compensated well above what the average person is and THEY DON’T DO THEIR JOBS.

      One job they have is to understand legislation they draft and vote for. They don’t get paid to dole it off to one of their “staff.”

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