peeing in the pool protocol

It may be OK to pee in the pool if it’s your pool. But if there are others in the pool, peeing in the pool is just plain wrong.

So, too, is sharing state secrets.

“Trump tweets that he shared ‘facts pertaining to terrorism’ with Russian officials” – The Boston Globe

People peeing in a public pool have to be asked to leave.


a surrogate says POTUS’s telling the Russians is “‘wholly appropriate.”The Boston Globe

Gotta’ love those surrogates! Taking one for the gipper!

Speaking about surrogates; AKA suck-ups.



  1. It is treasonous for certain. But the flock of “surrogates” that masquerade as “elected public servants” in the US Congress will do nothing. What happens next in Wonderland is anybody’s guess.

    One sure thing: Everyday, average citizens will suffer the consequences for a long, long time.

    Watch what happens in Venezuela and what has happened in other nations that have despotic leaders.

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