Today’s news – Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

31 - movie

Quote for today …The real problem posed by gerrymandering is not that it helps or hurts Democrats or Republicans, it’s that it foments ideological extremism.” – From this 2016 York Daily Record article: Pennsylvania Without Gerrymandering.

Another quote … “It was how the world communicated. Until it wasn’t.” – A really gripping commentary from this wonderful piece by Washington Examiner columnist Salena Zito: “Promised Land Lost.”

Another quote … “The Borough of Chambersburg is committed to transparency in Local Government. Transparent governance means that government officials act openly, with citizens’ knowledge of the decisions the officials are making.” – From the Chambersburg Website – A really well-done Customer-friendly, organized website that orchestrates numerous community resources … including a Mayor’s facebook page.

  • Article 133 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice – “Conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman | There are certain moral attributes common to the ideal officer and the perfect gentleman, a lack of which is indicated by acts of dishonesty, unfair dealing, indecency, indecorum, lawlessness, injustice, or cruelty.” And when a commissioned Army officer, including a general officer, violates this and other codes, all rights, privileges and retirement pay ought cease. This is the kind of stuff that makes “Americans grate again.”

nuclearGraphic Source: Bloomberg

  • Making Americans grate again | Let’s turn TMI into a coal-fired plant?

Google_spelling_map.82db5198.fill-735x490 Source/Google Trends – Google Trends map shows words most frequently searched for spelling help in each state.

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