Today’s news – Thursday, June 1, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “This is the struggle of our time. The forces of freedom, openness and global community against the forces of authoritarianism, isolationism and nationalism. Forces for the flow of knowledge, trade and immigration against those who would slow them down. This is not a battle of nations, it’s a battle of ideas. There are people in every country for global connection and good people against it.” From Mark Zuckerberg’s Commencement address at Harvard. [NOTE: There’s a letter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster condemning Zuckerberg’s comments. When we first read it over a week ago, we thought it was (and is) quite well done.]

  • The meeting starts at 6:00 pm
  • O-o-p-s, we missed this item, but it’s listed on the agenda (not as a personnel item), but as a “motion is requested to approve the new hire as listed” – Daryl Kyle – Football Coach – Effective: Upon Completion of Paperwork – Salary: Step 1, $3,000.

news trash bags

Busy month at the Library!busy month

5 - Your library

  • Maintaining a Rain Garden  … and the use of Round-Up: “Rain gardens with rock can be sprayed with glyphosate (i.e. Roundup) to kill weeds at any time of the year.”

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