Monday – 10/2/17

A big part of Columbia’s history since 1893. 

From Hinkle’s facebook page: ”

“Official announcement as appearing in this morning’s Lancaster newspaper.

‘Hinkle’s Pharmacy and Restaurant, a Columbia Borough landmark for 124 years, will close on Wednesday, Oct. 25.

The shutdown of the 261 Locust St. business will idle 71 employees.

John Hinkle III, fourth-generation owner of Hinkle’s, blamed its “declining financial position over the past several years.”

In announcing the decision Monday, Hinkle said in a statement, “It has been an honor and a privilege for our family to serve this community throughout multiple generations.”

He thanked employees and customers “for their loyalty throughout the decades.”

Prescription records will be transferred to CVS Pharmacy.

Hinkle’s was founded in 1893 by Samuel Hinkle on the corner of Third and Locust streets in Columbia.

His son, John Hinkle joined his father in business in 1925 and was followed by his son, John Hinkle Jr. in 1958. John Hinkle III entered the business in 1990.”

This is posted at Lancaster Online


Stephen-C-PaddockA terrorist looks like this | The “first picture of gunman Stephen Paddock who killed at least 50 people by opening fire on Las Vegas crowds.”The Mirror, London

Another early in the incident report: “Police there told CBS News the suspect was white, in his 60s, had been living in a retirement community and hadn’t had any run-ins with law enforcement. He wasn’t a veteran, Mesquite police added.”

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s facebook site has incident updates and points to Twitter feeds too. This is the right way to tweet.

WHAT! “Nevada state law defines Las Vegas mass shooting as an act of terrorism – But police say they are ‘not at this point’ treating incident as terror”The Indepeendent

Image result for help people in puerto rico

“How you can help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico”PBS

connectedColumbia … connected!

heritage drive

storefrontStorage units along the Washington Boro gateway.


“Antici-painting” the new look on these properties. Seems whenever there’s been a paint transformation on a Columbia property it’s had the L. Weber & Son sign on it. We’re eagerly awaiting this new storefront face.

Here’s a recapture of sorts.

weber paintsome of the L. Weber downtown properties

A local paint contractor, L. Weber & Son Painting, appears to be on the preferred list of the property owners at the vanguard of the “plantings, porches and paint” concepts posted here nearly four years ago.


An article in this morning’s LNP – Always Lancaster states: “UGI work upsetting residents and mayor – Homeowners say the utility is not consulting them about gas meter installations.” And this is news? UGI’s never been a municipality’s friend.


Why doesn’t government do a better job of vetting? That’s a question that’s begging for answers in Lancaster with its broadband adventure (“Residents raise concerns over LanCity Connect broadband”) and in Kentucky, too.

“KentuckyWired could be a disaster for Kentucky”The Louisville Courier-Journal

Back when it was conceived, it was billed as “KentuckyWired, also referred to as Kentucky I-Way in eastern Kentucky, is a statewide, open-access fiber optic network which will deliver robust, reliable and affordable Internet to communities across the state through broadband technology.”

Maybe because government is spending your money!

“Eight American women died in Vietnam, too”The Conversation

Yeah, sure … and I’m from the government and I’m here to help you! “Trump advisers insist tax cut proposal won’t favor rich.” The Washington Post


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