Tuesday – 10/3/17


page one'''''''''''''''''''''''''… and everyone, except the folks at Hinkle’s (family, employees, Customers and others who patronized the business) has comments and answers.

But, in a second LNP – Always Lancaster “inside article,” the people who shopped, dined and did support Hinkle’s are quoted in a separate article.

terrorist“White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners”VOX

‘1,516 mass shootings in 1,735 days: America’s gun crisis – in one chart”The Guardian

Pennsylvania’s elected public servants are high on the leader/taker board: “The NRA has donated $155,600 to Pennsylvania members of Congress who are currently in office.The Washington Post


Dozens of comments about Hinkle’s announced closing at Lancaster Online,

Over 150 at Hinkles facebook page.

The Columbia Borough School District Meeting of the Whole is Thursday night at 6:00 pm | Here’s the agenda.

Yes! No! Yes, Tom Petty is dead and it’s heartbreakingly unbearable. Variety

A letter-to-the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster complains about PPL’s service in response to an 18-hour power outage. The writer claims to be a former PPL employee (in the customer service department) appears also to be a KITA; he should be living in Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands instead of offering senior-entitled letters.

responsible landlordsThe above quote comes from an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster in which Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership’s (LHOP) Jim Shultz talks about neighborhood development.

Ah, the quest for responsible landlords goes on – everywhere!

A wonderful aspect of the letters-to-the-editor or comments sections of any medium is that all side of an issue can be voiced in this country. The last letter-to-the-editor takes issue with Ken Burns’ Vietnam War series that was shown on PBS during the past two weeks.  The letter writer wants to make sure that “his side” of the issue is known as he points to a less centrist view. He asks readers to look at a more liberal writer’s view: “A Ball O’ Confusion Is Comin’ to Your TV: Ken Burns’ PBS Series on Vietnam Gives Its Corporate Sponsors Little to Worry About.”

housewreckersSee why at the West Hempfield Township Police Department’s facebook page.


board of health

The Columbia Borough Board of Health’s next meeting is Tuesday, October 3 at 7:00 pm – no meeting venue is shown, most likely the meeting is at the Borough Hall. Columbia news, views & reviews was unable to locate any minutes for previous Board of Health meetings at the borough website.

According to the Borough Website, there’s a Board of Health volunteer vacancy; if you are interested in volunteering please contact the Borough Manager at 717-684-2467 Ext. 7318.

According to the Borough Website: “The Board of Health is a relatively unique group in Lancaster County.  Unlike most municipalities which rely on the PA Department of Agriculture for Eating & Drinking Establishment inspections and on the PA Department of Health for sanitation issues, Columbia has chosen to perform these responsibilities to maintain rapid, coordinated, local control.”


Elizabeth Smedley Chair
Leslie Fritz Member
Dr. John Jensen Member
Dr. Bret Daniels Member
Reva Hall Member
Laurie Gerfin Alternate
Michele Hank Alternate



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