Friday – 10/27/17

The Public Works committee meeting minutes for October are posted at the borough website.

Residents don’t always have the time to show up to public meetings, and those who might want to participate may be overshadowed by the louder voices or in the room. As a result, many valuable voices are never heard from.” | “How to Rediscover ‘Heart and Soul’ in Small-Town America”Route Fifty

Two Columbia venues on this list of “6 free things to do this weekend in Lancaster County” Lancaster Online

parade pixA nice collection of parade photos is posted at the Mardi Gras Parade facebook page.

It’s a spending thing! | “It is spending, not taxes, that needs to be reformed, but few want to give up their government ‘benefits.’ Ever try getting information from a government office? And yet people continue to turn to government, even though it does few things well.” – Cal Thomas, columnist

There’s a LEGAL NOTICE in today’s  LNP – Always Lancaster about Columbia’s recent decision to define, legalize and allow for dispensing/ growing and processing medical marijuana. Council will vote on the proposed zoning ordinance at the November Council meeting on November 13.

While the notice invites readers to come to the borough office to inspect a complete copy of the ordinance, curiously the Legal Notice is not posted at the borough website – though there’s virtually no cost to do that.

sessionsWhat’s it say when this joker is living in another era – an era when racial discrimination was legal and marijuana was a “gateway drug?” Science says you’re out of touch, Jefferson (Beauregard).

Today is October 27! It is the fourth Friday of the month. There’s a Columbia event called Fourth Friday.

Where does one go to find information about events during Fourth Friday?

“Fourth Friday is a monthly happening inviting the public to enjoy an evening visiting galleries, restaurants, antique and specialty shops & other various venues in Columbia, Marietta, and Wrightsville.”

How about the Chamber of Commerce Website? Yep, there it is information about the events in August? H-E-L-L-O???

ff august 2017

bike friendly rankings 2017Pennsylvania is a “bike-friendly” state. – Route Fifty



  1. A few years ago, when the Fourth Friday celebration was thriving, there was a “Hub” of sorts on Locust Street. People crowded inside for literature about the various venues and could even get a glass of wine from time to time. There was a variety of art and other items of interest located at this hub. We need a downtown that is not closed after 5 pm.

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