Wednesday – 12/6/17

Leaf Collection will end in the Borough on December 15, 2017. The Yard Waste Center will continue to be open the second Saturday of every month, year round, for Borough Residents to drop off yard waste.Notify Me email from the Borough.

The November Property committee meeting minutes are posted at the Borough Website. In the minutes: This “ACTION: Ask Council to approve a one-time payment from Myers Brothers, Developers to the Borough of Columbia for the use of between 10 and 15 parking spaces in the Municipal Parking Lot, located at Front and Locust Streets. The fee for the use of these spaces will be a one-time payment of $2,000 per space.  These parking spaces will be used, as needed, by tenants of the proposed apartment building to be constructed at 132 Locust Street, as well as for parking of construction equipment while construction is ongoing.”

library appeal

don touch

“GOP state lawmaker suggests Democrat who touched him may be gay” WITF

You just gotta’ understand the paranoia of these RWNJ’s! | State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) has been recognized by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s “No. 1 Conservative.” – His Website

Geez, VA, get your act together! “VA Suspends Applications For New Vet ID Cards”TaskandPurpose

Oh, no … tradition going down as The Skeller owners announce its closing. OnwardState

Who hasn’t had a “Case of Rocks?” Onward State

RE/MAX Associates of Lancaster Changes Name to RE/MAX Pinnacle
Lancaster, PA (December 2017) – Earl Shirk, President and Broker of Record for RE/MAX Associates of Lancaster, announced today that the company has officially changed its name to RE/MAX Pinnacle.

Shirk explained that “the new name would more accurately reflect the evolving state of the company’s real estate brokerage business in South-Central Pennsylvania.” He continued, “Over the past decade, our business has grown well beyond the geographic boundaries of Lancaster County. In fact, this past year, we assisted clients with their real estate needs in six counties across the mid-state.”

The management and ownership of the company remain intact as well as the experienced agents which have built their reputation in the region as an industry leader.

The company has four, strategically located offices in the region: Lancaster, Elizabethtown, Willow Street and Hershey. Last year, the average RE/MAX agent with the firm generated over twenty transaction sides which more than doubles the industry average for production.

RE/MAX LLC is a global real estate franchise network that was established over 40 years ago and has steadily grown into the global leader in residential home sales. RE/MAX franchises can be found in over 100 countries around the world and employ 111,000 agents. In 2016, MMR Strategy Group found that RE/MAX was number one in brand name awareness among buyers, sellers, and those planning to buy or sell real estate in the near future. – news release


  1. Let them lease parking on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. What they propose amounts to selling them those spaces; bad idea but not surprising. Actually, they shouldn’t approve the project at all without adaquite parking included in the plan.

  2. If this corner was a grass field and Columbia Borough Zoning Board required Myers Brothers to build a parking lot to facilitate the tenants. How much would this project cost? Now divide the current parking spots(46 if correct) with the cost of the original Columbia Borough lot build. Guaranteed to be in the $10,000- $15,000 per parking spot. That would be a nice pocket of over $100, 000 for Columbia Borough, not $20,000-30,000. Who is negotiating these deals!

  3. Kind of makes you think the fix was in when they built the parking lot.

    And what’s up with the old Vigilant fire hall on 10th st. I thought the kennel project still needed approval. I could be wrong about that but there is a construction trailer in place already. Another done deal?

  4. Ah, but there are trailers already part of the “gateway” route landscape into Columbia from Lancaster on 462 at the Cycle Den. Rusted out trailers, it appears, is an embraced model for the borough.

    All part of of the community charm, don’t you think?

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