Saturday’s news reports and “wondering” – 5/12/2018


What’s going to be happening as this goes through the governmental and citizen comment channels? “And Blueprints for Addiction Recovery is the new owner of  747-749 Walnut Street.Columbia news, views & reviews, April 22, 2018

Whether the Columbia borough agenda items “considering” Website Design (and newsletter preparation) included three separate proposals? One of the councillors in Brighton, Michigan said, “Geinzer says while Revize is not the cheapest web design service initially, it offers the least expensive annual hosting and fees and provides value added services that exceed those offered by the other two companies reviewed.”

Brighton’s a Detroit suburb with a population of 7,606 residents according to the US Census Bureau. 

Brighton’s council meetings, agendas, and substantiating documents are shown on the municipality’s Website. At the January “study session” the “DISCUSSION OF WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES AND STAFF RECOMMENDATIONS” was included in the minutes” – Ms. Macklin-Camel presented information regarding the proposed City of Brighton website update, which will include repairing broken or outdated links, making it user friendly and easier for City staff to update content, as well as enhance the City’s image. She showed the details of three web hosting companies available, what features each of them offer, the costs of each, as well as the timeline for implementation. It was noted that City Council will be able to review the website and its functions prior to it going live.”


Fact or fiction? | A post and a string of comments at a local social media site states the school district is “outsourcing their cleaning people.” We couldn’t find any reference supporting or disputing this claim at the Columbia Borough School District Website, though there are a number of “anticipated vacancies.”

get involved Amen, Madam director. Columbia news, views & reviews repeatedly has written that to really find out what happens at meetings, citizens have to attend … to watch the presentations, the facial expressions during the interactions and to participate. What happens in the open during public meetings is an important right of citizens. What happens, though, in special sessions or in closed meetings is something citizens don’t know or have privy.  See the “Citizen commentary evidently doesn’t factor into decisions” article here.

other news

John Wright’s and the Railroad House make Lancaster Online‘s list of “13 places to eat outside at Lancaster County-area restaurants. The article clearly missed several, but invites readers to suggest others. This is one of the added comments: “Smith’s Hotel and Bar in Columbia has been around for a long time.” 

How cool is this? “Now students can create their own VR tours” Google

Look at what Penn Manor’s doing! | “Penn Manor students use new technology to create virtual tour of Lancaster farming” Penn Manor School District

New chief of Lancaster’s spy camera setup … still uncertain about who watches Columbia’s 50 “reported” spy cameras. – Lancaster Online

Supporting the RWNJ agenda ain’t cheap evidently. | “The mysterious super PAC supporting U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker in next week’s Republican primary has now spent almost a quarter-million dollars on his behalf.” – an article at Lancaster Online.

“drug violation in progress” at South Second and Cherry Streets and a “public drunkeness (sic)” chargeColumbia Police Department facebook page


  1. It always amazes me when a company or organization suddenly outsources its least paid workers to save money. Why not outsource the exec secretaries or the VP or Manager of do nothing important. There is bigger savings there.

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