Columbia residents energized at meeting to spark interest in local government


A large gathering of residents of Columbia Borough occurred Sunday afternoon, led by the Columbia Democratic Committee. The meeting was intended to identify community leaders who are interested in running for office in Columbia in the coming year. The Committee is also seeking residents to serve as committee people, organizing in their respective neighborhoods and supporting local municipal candidates for 2019.

Issues on which Democratic candidates will be focusing include using taxpayer money for public good, not for private development interests as well as improving the standard of living for Columbia residents and transparency in local government.

Interested parties may email with their interest as soon as possible.

SOURCE: news release



  1. Thanks to all who attended this meeting. Regardless what party you affiliate with, we are all in this together. Current council members have challenged us to run for office and attend meetings if we don’t like what is going on in Columbia. Residents are ready to accept that challenge.

  2. Absolutely. “Citizen’s participation, it’s a fundamental right which shall be considered both from citizens and government officials to strength the democracy. That’s why its important to engage citizens in the local decision-making process.”

    Citizen participation gives redress power for what may unjust or unwise decision.

  3. Thank you, Dan, for the observation. Since the article you’re referencing is a submitted news release, Columbia news, views & reviews does not edit the submission.

    Our impression about local politics is that party delineation is subordinate to local issues. While people, in and out of office, may claim to belong to an identified political party we believe they respond to the issues and pressures of those issues and persons they know.

    We’ve yet to see a local party platform.

    Countywide, each party has published their principles:



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