Sunday’s news items, part 2 [We’re #1!; Third Street is hot & more] – 1/20/2019

we are no 1

# 1 | Tops in the county

Letter-to-the-editor | Penn Live letter writer rails against school tax; condemns legislators. 

Truckers are smart people | “‘I’d rather sit through this storm than die.’ Truckers idle during travel ban” – The Morning Call

Lots of activity | Recent Real Estate transactions on Third Street

401-417 third

SOLD | 401-417 North Third Street

138 south third

SOLD | 138 South Third StreetSusquehanna River Rentals

536 north third

New Mortgage |  536 North Third StreetKDR, LLC(KDR LLC, WILLIAMS KYLE R,  LUTZ KEITH D)

vandalism on third

Vandalism, too | Vandals are also operating in town; along South Third Street, too.

Paywall lockout | You may not be able to read this article, but this York Daily Record / Sunday News asks “Penn State becomes Transfer U. Is it good or bad?” (Think it’s the coaching?)


Think? | Happened across this post at a Website (cannot recall where); Knapp once was an editor with Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. That relationship ended a few months ago, evidently.

Another view | Extract from a letter-to-the-editor at NewsLanc: “The contrast between the transparent approach that led to the redevelopment of downtown Lancaster a half century ago  and the the clandestine and vicious manner of how the convention center – Marriott Hotel project was brought about four decades or so later could not be greater. What we have witnessed is the downfall of one of the great counties of the country due to the transformation of its newspaper from protector to predator, a situation that has continued  to this current day.”

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