Sunday’s news items, part 2 [Today is Easter Sunday; AMVETS clubs, why?; and more] – 4/21/2019

Spotty records | Today’s Lancaster Watchdog column in LNP – Always Lancaster asks, “What’s going on with AMVETS Post 19?” The Watchdog responds to a member’s complaint about the Post being closed. Upon investigation, the Watchdog discovered the Post’s Liquor License has expired.

What’s with the AMVETS posts in Lancaster and Columbia anyway, both have run afoul of Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board regulations rather consistently?

amvets record

Would it not be better to follow the laws and stop throwing away members’ money on fines? It’s past time for both these operations to either close or use a lot better judgment when selecting their officers.


Another WWII veteran is gone | James Young, US Marine Corps, who spoke at the 11-11-11 Club Annual Banquet in 2016 has died. His obituary notice is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. 

“‘Forest bathing’ | not just a walk in the woods”Lancaster Online

Not “fake news” | Mueller Report supports New York Times and Washington Post news articles; confirms news reports were correct.WITF

borough events

Coming up: this week | Tomorrow night, a public listening session • Tuesday night, Columbia Borough Council Meeting 04-23-2019 Agenda and Meeting Packet – FINAL



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