Wednesday’s news items [School Board candidates; council meeting; walking & more] &#8211] – 4/24/2019

PUC ReportElectric Outages Related to 2018 Winter Storms Riley and Quinnnews release

school bd candidates

2019 Columbia PA School Board Candidates | “Our Children, Our Community, Our Future!” – above left to right: Sandra Duncan, Charles Leader, Kathy Hohenadel, Lauren VonStetten, Rebecca Young are campaigning for your votes in the May primary. See their facebook page here:

Walk_With_A_CopParticipants walk with Lebanon City Police Chief Todd Breiner for a walk downtown.

Great idea | |“’Walk With A Cop’ through the City of Lebanon this SaturdayLebTown

Walk with State Senator Ryan Aument | Walk and Talk Event in Marietta on May 2 

Sneezing and wheezing | Could be the horrible air quality Lancaster Online

council meeting

Quick time | Last night’s Borough council lasted 37 minutes and was attended by fewer than 20 persons in the audience. Perhaps this was due to the nice weather outside … or perhaps due to the Borough’s livestreaming and posting the meeting procedures. The facebook livestreaming audio has improved.

Questions | These were some of the questions that surfaced during the meeting:

  • Why is the borough paying to maintain two street sweepers?
  • How much did the developers of the hole in the ground at the bottom of Locust Street pay as a security bond and how long will the hole remain as it is?
  • Why does it take so long for the borough to transfer the inspections of food serving establishments from the borough to the State Department of Agriculture’s control?

Candidate meet & greet | In case, you didn’t see this reader comment, Borough Council candidate Heather Zink wants everyone to know, “All of those candidates will be at a meet and greet on Thursday 4/25 from 5-8 pm at the VFW at 4th and Manor. We welcome any questions anyone may have. Stop by and get to know us.” The address for the Columbia VFW Post 2435 is 401 Manor Street, Columbia, Pennsylvania.

drone foundFlying objects come down – an ad in the classified section of today’s LNP – Always Lancaster



  1. Nope, Howard … 37 minutes. We just rechecked our recording and the council president announced the adjournment at 7:37 pm.

    Columbia news, views & reviews and Columbia Spy have been digitally recording all borough (and other public meetings we attend) for many years. As we so often have stated, the best way to capture what happens at a meeting is to attend them. Secondly, video and audio recordings are our preference. Thirdly, reading news sources, though we hasten to add that news sources are developed by people who may not always be fully objective. Then there are “{he said, she said” reports from people who may have or may not have attended the meeting.

    Often these “he said, she said” sources have axes to grind or they’ve got personal agendas that fail to look at all sides of any story.

  2. There is also a young man named Robert Misciagna running for school board as a write-in candidate. Robert has served as a junior councilman for Columbia Borough.

  3. So sorry, I was thinking of the 6 pm Executive Meeting because I asked why such meetings happen, and I was there at 6:30. Forgive me, this time.

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