Why not? A thought for communities that care about protecting pedestrians.

A positive news possibility!

3-d crosswalksStudents and local officials gathered outside the Brooks Elementary School in Medford on Monday for the unveiling of a three-dimensional crosswalk. (CITY OF MEDFORD / MAYOR’S OFFICE)

At the urging of a pair of young students, Medford (MA) is taking an eye-catching approach to try to increase safety for children walking to and from school.

“The city on Monday unveiled a newly painted three-dimensional crosswalk at one of its elementary schools, and officials said they planned to install more of them soon at other schools.

“The crosswalk is actually flat, but its stripes appear to an approaching driver to be floating white blocks.

Such optical illusions, intended to get drivers to pay attention and drive slowly, have caught on in a handful of cities around the world.”

Click here to continue reading this Boston Globe article.


A commenter pointed out the faded cross-walk painted lines on Route 462 following the Saturday post (Wandering and wondering on the Saturday before Easter). Here’s a photo of the faded crosswalk. Few vehicle drivers will yield to pedestrians when signs are not marked or barely marked.

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