a local troll farm: unidentified spewing


It is; it’s Russian “troll-bot like” | Columbia Borough Election Commentary

Unfamiliar with the “troll farm?” | Here’s how USA Today describes it:

“The name comes from the term ‘troll,’ which is someone who joins a social media discussion on Facebook or Twitter, for example, and posts provocative comments, perhaps inflammatory or even off the topic, to sow discord.

“A ‘troll farm’ is an organized operation of many users who may work together in a ‘factory’ or from different places across a distributed network to generate online traffic aimed at affecting public opinion, and to spread misinformation and disinformation.”

For us, unidentified sites are terrorist sites.terrorist

“OPINION | online anonymosity is terrorism and cowardice … and not productive” 


  1. Not much unlike the Columbia Spy blog site, which by the way I stopped following almost a year ago already. But I do still follow your site Brian.

    • Po-ta-to, po-tah-to. We don’t see the similarity of an anonymous facebook page and a long-running local online news source. Think those who follow Columbia Spy know that the person behind it is Joe Lintner.

      Columbia news, views & reviews is a locally operated alternative news and information source; we resist the narrative: blog site. Columbia news, views & reviews has been registered as a fictitious name with the Pennsylvania Department of State since February 2011.

    • It’s funny to hear someone say they don’t follow the Spy, as if that hurts the Spy’s feelings! There is no advertising, not a penny is earned. I know this because my husband operates the website. I also know it is viewed by over 10,000 folks every month, some of which are overseas. Like it or not, others enjoy it.

  2. Watched our esteemed council members video as to why he doesn’t pay his taxes. Many people get divorced and still there Bill’s. Not an excuse.
    Also, in doing a public record search at the Lancaster County Prothonotary Office, it shows that he also doesn’t pay his state sales tax on his business and that started before the divorce. Also, he has not paid his LASA sewer bill since 2017. Nice how he wanted to be on council to send the LASA money but he doesn’t pay that bill either. What is the reason for that?

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