Monday’s news items [Primary election; ALL FAVORED; paranoia & more] – 5/20/2019

Obituary notice | Michael Graybill, Columbia traffic fatality

Primary Election day is Tomorrow | Do you know the  candidates for elected public service in Columbia? Who are they? What are they saying? What have they done? What do they stand for? Click here to find out.

Seen this video? | Sharon Lintner explains why she’s running for council 

and these videos? | other borough council candidates

Editorial | “Harrisburg police should respect the people they are called to serve”Penn Live [All police, and elected public servants, should.]

Periodically | Everyone ought to consider reading the Pennsylvania Constitution.


Ironic | Is all local government like this? Checking back over the borough council meeting minutes for those shown here, the ALL FAVORED vote is the overwhelming majority of councillors’ votes. Quite unlike the legislative votes at the state and national level, there’s nearly always agreement on votes on local issues, it appears.

Review time | You may want to re-read a couple of ordinances approved by ALL FAVORED votes: Commercial Revolving Loan ProgramLead Paint Safe.

Letter-to-the-editor | This Morning Call letter writer asks:“Is this fair? That PPL, other big companies paid no federal income taxes?”

Paranoia: The threat within | “How individual states have criminalized terrorism”The Intercept

Almost everything | … in “Dr. Strangelove” was trueThe New Yorker

more paranoia | “The Espionage Axe: Donald Trump and the war against a free press”The Intercept

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