Wednesday’s news items [school board vacancy selection comments & more] – 8/21/2019

Looking back | into earlier this year before the May primary election, a group of progressive thinking people campaigned as candidates for school board of directors, some of them promised they’d be “bringing fresh perspectives and new vigor” to the board. One of them, captured the fifth highest number of votes.


Not captured, though was the attention of the rulers of the Columbia Republican Party. Rebecca Young was at the recent school board of directors meeting when an abruptly re-shuffled school board of directors convened a selection committee to fill three vacant seats.

At the meeting May write-in candidate Robert Michiagna was not selected from the four applicants. Michiagna was a “write-in” candidate in the May primary election. Misciagna, too, did not catch the favor of the dominating party though he served with distinction as a Junior Borough Councillor for almost two years.

A few days after the August 15 school board of directors’ meeting, Young posted these comments at her facebook page.

becky youngSOURCE: Becky Young facebook page.

Young is one of the candidates on the “Our Children, Our Community, Our Future” for School Board slate presented in the May primary election. “Our children and our community are diverse, yet we come together as one to build our future. The same should be true of your school board. We present a slate of five candidates who share common goals for the Columbia Borough School District, goals that will help build a stronger school system and lay the foundation for a brighter future for our children and our community. Though we share this vision, we bring diverse talents and experiences to the table. Some of our candidates have experience serving on the school board, bringing an understanding of the workings of the educational system. Others are new to the political process, bringing fresh perspectives and new vigor. We represent diverse cultures, religions, generations, educational backgrounds. All are passionate about the future of Columbia Borough School District and the children it serves! Kathy Hohenadel, Charles Leader, Sandra Duncan, Lauren VonStetten, Rebecca Young.”

school board resultsSOURCE: Columbia news, views & reviews, May 25, 2019

Drexell & Honeybee's Restaurant

What an idea! | “The difference between happiness & joy” – Seventeen months ago, Lisa Thomas-McMillan and her husband Freddie opened a restaurant called Drexell & Honeybee’s in Brewton, Alabama. You’ll find the usual Southern favorites on the menu, but you won’t find any prices. You’ll walk away with a full belly — and a fuller soul.” – Bitter Southerner

Employment opportunities | Posted vacancies with the Columbia Borough School District include:


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  1. Leader and Hohenadle sat there and didn’t say a word when another sitting board member uses flawed logic to pass over the best candidate for an open spot. They may say they stand for change but their actions show otherwise. They will NOT be getting my vote in November.

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