Saturday’s news items, part 2 [When’s Giant open in Mountville?; runaway child; dog attack; handicap accessibility; is the Catholic Church going broke? & more] – 10/26/2019

Friday, November 8 | That’s the date of the Giant opening at the site of the former Mussers in Mountville and “the first 200 customers in line will receive a GIANT reusable shopping bag filled with product samples, 200 GIANT Choice Rewards points and other grand opening savings.” – news release

Runaway Child | Columbia Police Department Crimewatch report: Runaway Child, Hailey Bostic

Unleased dog attack | This 400 block of Walnut Street incident is at the Columbia Police Department Crimewatch page.


Letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster | Power wheelchair user challenges Lititz stores and shops on Americans With Disabilities Act’s accessibility

ADA GRANDFATHER CLAUSEMany Businesses assume that they are exempt from making accessible changes to their facility because of an ‘ADA Grandfather Clause.’ Here are the rules.”DisabilitySmartSolutions

The ADA interpretation | “Is my building ‘grandfathered in’ under the older 1991 ADA Standards for Accessible Design or do I need to comply with the 2010 ADA Standards?”


Is the Catholic Church going bust? | “The Vatican hasn’t published a budget since 2015 and has been without an in-house auditor or economy minister for more than two years, fueling conspiracies about its financial health.” – AP News

Apple Hype | The Cosmic Crisp – “This December marks the advent of a new kind of apple. Researchers at Washington State University have spent decades perfecting the strain, dubbed Cosmic Crisp, which boasts ‘perfect flavor, crisp texture, juicy interior, striking color [and] naturally slow to brown’ in a promotional video.”



  1. I believe we have seen Hailey Bostic reported as a runaway a few times before. The girl obviously needs help. Sure the family wants her home but what are they doing to help her once she comes home?
    It also seems to me Columbia has an awful lot of runaway kids. I wonder why?

  2. Valid observation.

    In our humble estimation, this is one reason why we touch often about trauma informed communities.

    “Trauma informed communities | The Governor’s July 1 Executive Order challenges “all Pennsylvanians (to be) be active partners in advocating for the safety and welfare of our family, friends, neighbors, and community members.” And he wants Pennsylvania to become a “trauma informed state. That has to begin with local communities, though.”

    See, too:

    And this is an important video:

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