Saturday’s news items, part 2 [pomegranate how to; Columbia’s polling places; Library events & more] – 11/2/2019


Holiday favorite: more than a decoration | “Super-food Pomegranates are an ancient fruit but have been in the news lately for their health benefits. The juice on the Pomegranate Arils has all three polyphenols – tannins, anthocyanins, ellagic acid.” – The Produce Geek

Here’s a helpful short five minute video from The Produce Geek.

Columbia Volunteers for GED Instruction

Freedom from Smoking Class Flyer

Giant Bags 4 Our Cause November 2019

“Fewer Americans calling themselves Christians” | Just 65%; down from 77% 12 years ago. – Wilmington, NC News Journal

“Throwback tunes | The most popular song in the year you were born” (if you were born after 1947.The Morning Call

Modern leadership | is a lot like good leadership has always been. Personal. “Meet the 1-star general using Twitter to hear what you actually think about the Army”Task & Purpose  [Brigadier General Patrick Donohoe He seems to have a self-awareness about what the Army could be doing better, something other general officers aren’t quite as candid about.”]

polling locations

Closed | “The Borough Office will be closed on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 for Election Day.”Columbia Borough Website

Remember Joshua | “Champion Taekwondo tyke from Lebanon County shares “fists of fury” with FOX43’s Matt Maisel”FOX43-TV [Columbia news, views & reviews filmed Joshua in August, click here.]

Reminder | Fall back tonight. You could turn back your clock when the bars close tomorrow morning at 2:00 am or you could turn them back before you go to bed tonight.




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